2018 Reach Conference and Why Diversity Is Important To Us

Here at Eurasia Community, we try to make it clear that we believe everyone has something to contribute to church planting in Eurasia. To reach all the unreached people groups in this vast region, it’s going to take all of us. And that means we want people from every demographic praying, giving, and going to Eurasia to proclaim Christ to the lost.

We don’t believe that this work of sharing Jesus is only for one race or type of people.

In fact, we’ve share before how many different religious and cultural identities are represented throughout Eurasia. Doesn’t it make sense that the team of people bringing the gospel to them should be equally diverse?

We think so.

And that’s why some of our workers are representing the Eurasia region this month at the 2018 Reach Conference.

This conference is put on by the National Black Fellowship of the Assemblies of God, one of the many ethnic fellowships of the General Council here in the States. They have a heart for reaching the lost in urban areas, and for empowering and equipping multi-ethnic ministers.

There is great potential here to connect those who have a heart for the lost with the vast need that Eurasia presents. If you have a few extra moments this week, would you say a prayer for our workers as they prepare for this conference?

Pray that God would go ahead of them.

That He would orchestrate meetings and ordain new relationships.

Pray that all of this would ultimately accomplish more people in Eurasia coming to know Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers, and for being a part of this community. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we really couldn’t do this without you.

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