A semi-truck full of HOPE

December 17, 2019 Nicole Jacob

A semi-truck full of HOPE

Knowing Jesus Christ as our Savior and recognizing the salvation He provides us with is the greatest gift we never deserved, yet desperately need. There are so many people in Eurasia who still have never had access to a clear Gospel message. For so long this was true for Sergey, who did not know Jesus and definitely never had the opportunity to read the Bible.

Sergey lived in a remote Communist town in Russia that strongly discouraged any conversations about God or Jesus.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it totally destroyed the infrastructure of Sergey’s entire town, leaving them with the lumber mill and the school completely shut down. Sergey had no job and was left completely without hope. Sergey could have easily spiraled into despair in this season of hardship.

By the grace of God and through the generosity of all of you, a team of missionaries were able to provide Sergey’s entire town with the gift of a Bible in their native language.

The Bible came alive for Sergey as he read the text. His heart began filling up with the hope and freedom as he experienced the hope of Jesus Christ for the very first time.

I can hardly describe the transformative power of receiving a Bible for the very first time. But, we witness it again and again, when people have their first-ever encounter with God’s Word.

It is astounding. It is a miracle.

Sergey is now a committed follower of Jesus. He walks 12 miles to his local church in order to experience the fellowship of praying and worshiping with fellow believers. He has now experienced NEW LIFE.

Our goal is to continue providing the gift of Scripture to nearly 17,000 more people just like Sergey in Russia by raising $100,000. It costs only $6 to purchase a Bible and WE HOPE TO FILL AN ENTIRE SEMI-TRUCK WITH BIBLES TO GIVE TO THIS COMMUNITY.

We ask that you consider partnering with this campaign by giving the Christmas gift of God’s Word to the unreached in Russia. Our prayer is that we can fund this outreach by December 31st.

The “Christmas story” in the Gospel of John goes like this:

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” When you give God’s Word to people in need, you are sharing the reality of the Christmas story in a life-changing way so that the people sitting in darkness may see a great light!

If you would like to financially support the sending of Bibles to Russia click here. We are so hopeful for what God has in store for this community as they receive the most priceless gift. Thank you so much for being a part of the work that is being done to share the freedom in Jesus to the unreached throughout all of Eurasia. We couldn’t do the work that we are able to do without YOU!

Prayer Requests:

  • that we would be able to reach our goal of raising $100,000 to purchase the Bibles that will fill a semi-truck to present to the communities in Russia
  • that when the community receives these Bibles that they would be receptive to the Words of God and make the life-changing decision to follow Jesus

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