October 23, 2012 eurasiacommunity

Allies in the Elevator

by Christi  |  Middle East

I was meeting with our marketing company to go over our budget and a plan for the cafe. We talked with a copywriter who will take our mission, vision, and values and make them appealing to the Arab mind. We discussed Facebook and Google ads and how to best utilize social networking.

All through this discussion, though, I was reflecting on my elevator journey up to their office. In the lobby, a beautiful, fully covered woman stood waiting for the elevator. A man walked up with the intention of riding the elevator as well. As I approached, I watched the woman back away, knowing that she would allow him to ride up and wait for the next one rather than ride alone with a man she didn’t know.

Relief flooded her face when I approached and greeted her. When the doors opened, she and I dutifully marched to the back of the small space, with our eyes to the floor lest we make eye contact with the strange man. As more and more men joined the elevator at subsequent floors, she and I moved closer together to allow adequate space between ourselves and the strange men.

In those few minutes, we became allies, maybe even friends, as we worked to maintain our integrity and dignity as this culture dictates. I prayed silently for this lovely woman who has never heard the gospel. And I thanked God that we were able to join forces to fight our way up this massive building.

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