July 17, 2017 eurasiacommunity

Arab World Needs Your Prayers!

This month, we’ve been sharing stories from the Arab World region of Eurasia.

But we didn’t want you just to know the great things that have been happening throughout the Arab world as people hear about Jesus. We also wanted you to know about the things that are happening in the Arab World right now, so that you can join us in prayer for the unreached, the national churches, and our workers there.

We reached out to some of workers and here’s how they told us to be praying:

Pray for the people of Mosul.

Mosul is a major city in Iraq, about 250 miles north of Bagdhad.

In 2014, Mosul came under the control of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL). In more recent months, the city has been liberated by a multi-national force, but the damage done to Mosul while under Islamic State rule was tremendous. Though the people are now free, the restoration of the city itself will take time, and the residents of Mosul need our prayers as they seek to rebuild after the defeat of ISIS.

Also, the city has been torn apart by religious-ethnic division. In Bible times, Mosul was known by the name Ninevah. Pray for a healing and revival in Mosul like what the city experienced under the ministry of Jonah.

Pray for the countries in the Arab World that are currently caught up in civil war.

War throughout the Middle East is nothing new. But for the people who are living there today, and are currently living in these war-torn nations, the need is great. Please pray for peace and for gospel to flourish in these nations, which include Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Pray for the beginnings of church planting movements that are taking place in parts of the Arab World.

There are more than 400 unique unreached people groups in the Arab World. Our workers, through initiatives like Live Dead Arab World, are seeking to plant new churches among each of these groups that have yet to hear the name of Jesus. Please join us in praying for the teams that are working to spread the gospel in these areas, and that their work for the kingdom of God would bear great fruit throughout the Arab world.

Thank you so much for praying for these important needs that are facing the Arab World right now. And thanks, as always, for being a part of Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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