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Bibles for Bhutan, and How You Can Help Bring the Gospel to this Unreached Nation

Bhutan Scenery

Which version of the Bible do you use?

If you’re an English-speaking follower of Jesus, you’ve probably answered this question before. In American churches and Christian circles, the debate over which translation is best can get heated, and in the midst of these discussions, we can lose sight of the immense privilege of having access to the Scriptures in our own language.

This is not the case for everyone around the world, and in Eurasia, there are many people groups who have yet to be reached with the gospel.

One such group is the people who live in Bhutan. In this month’s Faces of Eurasia letter, Omar Beiler explains the desperate need for the gospel among the people of Bhutan.

Sandwiched between India and China, Bhutan is perched high in the Himalaya Mountains. When storms roll through its deep valleys, thunder bounces against the rugged mountainsides. In times past, this loud rumbling was thought to be the sound of a dragon flying overhead. People named the area Druk Yul, or Land of the Thunder Dragon. The treacherous terrain and harsh climate have kept Bhutan largely isolated from outside influences. The lifestyles and traditions of its 800,000 people have remained unchanged for centuries. Buddhism is deeply entrenched in the culture, and idol worship is a part of daily life.

But there is good news!

A team of believers who are familiar with the language, Dzongkha, have spent the last twelve years working to prepare a translation of the Scriptures that the people of Bhutan can understand.

This massive undertaking has just recently been completed, and the Bibles are ready. But unless we are able to get them into the hands of the people who need them, they won’t serve much purpose.

You can head over to Faces of Eurasia to read the rest of the letter about this incredible project and how you can help.

For only $10, you can change the life of someone who has never before had access to the gospel. Are you willing to give that much to make a difference for the kingdom of God?

Thanks so much for your generosity, and for being a part of this community. We couldn’t reach the lost in Eurasia without you.

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