How Our Big God is Meeting Big Needs for Our Associates (and the Rest of Us)

October 22, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How Our Big God is Meeting Big Needs for Our Associates (and the Rest of Us)

One of the monthly features on the Eurasia Community Blog is about our Financial Partnership Development program, led by Jenn Fortner. In FPD, missionary associates receive small group training and coaching as they invite individuals and churches to partner with them financially in the work God has called them to in Eurasia.

Sam and Gemma Shepherd* were happily pastoring a church in rural North Dakota when they felt the call of God to come to Central Eurasia as associates.

They didn’t hesitate to obey God’s call, but to do so, they needed God to provide for them in a big way.

You see, most of our associates continue to work their full time jobs while they raise money to come to Eurasia. They work during the week, and on the weekends, they share in churches about the work they’ll be doing once they’re on the field. However, it’s impossible for a pastor of a small church to continue shepherding his own congregation while itinerating at other churches.

So Sam and Gemma knew they had to step down from their current position.

They also knew they’d need to sell their house before they came to the field.

They had some big needs, but we serve a big God, who is faithful to provide for us as we follow Him.

In the area where Sam and Gemma have been living and pastoring, it tends to be pretty difficult to sell a house. But when a prospective buyer walked through the house one day early in their selling process, he surprised them by offering on the spot to pay their full asking price. The Shepherds were able to expedite the sale of their house and the buyer even paid the closing costs.

Then, on top of all of that, God provided a place for them to live while they raise support. While they itinerate, Sam, Gemma, and their four children will be living rent-free in a home where even their utilities will be paid for them, allowing them to focus all of their energies on getting to Eurasia.

No matter what we need along the path of following Jesus, He is able to provide it. There is no door too big for him to open, no circumstance so desperate that He can’t come through.

If you’re trying to raise support to come to Eurasia, or if you have any other big needs in your life I hope this encourages you.

It will take all of us doing our part to reach the lost in Eurasia, but we can be confident that God will meet all our needs along the way. We’re so very glad that you are a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

*Names have been changed.

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