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Some Books From the Field!

Live|Dead (Iran): The Story

livedeadstoryA young man flees on horseback across the Iranian border into Turkey, pursued by armed border-patrol guards. An entire church goes underground after their pastor is executed. A young woman encounters Jesus for the first time . . . in a dream. The third installment of the Live|Dead series, Live|Dead: The Story, is a twenty-eight-day journey into the lives of Iranian Christians that illustrates their resilience, courage, and deep faith. It will change the way you view your faith and your commitment to Christ . . . forever.

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Courageous Compassion

Through the eyes of Jesus, you will see those to whom He was drawn as potential men and women of God on a healing, life-changing journey. A challenge to our pale definition of compassion, the message of this book is bold, necessarily courageous, and disruptively life-transforming. Combining sound biblical insights with amazing stories of the sexually enslaved who have found freedom, Dr. Beth Grant demonstrates that spiritual darkness is more than a concept. Yet spiritual Light is also a liberating, loving, healing, transforming reality.

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Dying Out Loud 

Dying Out Loud is a story about following God no matter what the cost. They traded the comforts of suburban southern California for the crowded cobblestone streets of the Middle East. They explored remote areas and they befriended nomadic tribes people, courageously bringing a message of hope and freedom to those needing to hear it. But none of those adventures would compare to where God led them next: a journey of visions, revelations, and sorrow. A journey into stage-four cancer, and a journey that beckoned them to walk the shrouded path through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Yet even there they discovered peace, grace, and a new hope for the lost around them.

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Live|Dead (Arab World): The Journey

Live Dead: The Journey is an interactive experience that introduces readers to 12 missionaries who live and work among unreached people groups in the Arab World. On the journey, you will learn about 7 of the major cities in the Arab World, learn valuable truths from each missionary, walk with them through their community, and pray with them for the unreached people in their countries. Throughout the book there are exercises for raw art journaling and prayer meditation.

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Silk Road Stories

Silk Road Stories: Amazing Tales of God’s Work in an Ancient Land is a unique collection of narratives that present the miraculous, the tragic, and the heroic in a land that had, at one time, all but obliterated Christianity. This book begins the history of today’s Silk Road revival.

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I Am There: Armenia

Olivia Puccini was only 24 years old when she left her cozy apartment in the Twin Cities, a promising career, and friends behind to move to the post-Soviet nation of Armenia—the last place that Olivia ever expected to call “home.” If anything, the adventure of living in an obscure, developing nation, not to mention the unpredictable life of a missionary, felt like the cruel straps of a straitjacket. Olivia found herself there nonetheless. Now in her own words, she gives a candid, honest confession of the inspiring people she met along the way, the challenges that have forever shaped her faith and the culture shock that inevitably comes with living so far from home. I Am There: Armenia is a collection of vivid stories that takes you on her journey—a journey that will not leave you the same.

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