Breakthrough in Russia

March 22, 2019 leslie thomas

Breakthrough in Russia

Radik is a Roma or Gypsy man who has been resistant to the Gospel from the very beginning when his relatives started repenting. He called them traitors to the Roma way of life. He’d come around church services every now and then, but was always drunk and he’d cause trouble and then leave.

Last week Radik came to the service drunk, but stayed for the entire meeting for the first time and even asked for prayer. He then offered to host the next gathering. I called some of the Roma brothers mid-week to see if Radik was serious… and to make sure he wouldn’t be drunk. The brothers said he hadn’t been drinking for several days and there was an excitement and anticipation in his eyes. Radik asked them twice to make sure we were indeed going to gather at his place. Two nights ago we had the gathering at his house, and God came in the power of His Spirit! Radik and his wife gave their lives to the Lord, and it was a moment of great joy for everybody there, to see someone previously so hardened to the Good News come to faith!

Also, as we’re writing this, a group of the Roma believers are gathering ON THEIR OWN for the first time, without us, to worship and study the Word. Praise the Lord! We’ve asked you to pray they’d start taking leadership, and this is a very encouraging step.

Ways to continue praying for this the Roma (Gypsies) in Russia today:

  • Pray that the Roma’s who are meeting together on their own will continue and meetings will begin happening in other homes as well.
  • There will be a big Roma gathering later this month of all the new believers, please pray for a supernatural move of the Spirit at this meeting.

Thank you so much for praying, and as always, for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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