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A Budget Years in the Making: A Financial Testimony

One of the monthly features on the Eurasia Community Blog is about our Financial Partnership Development program, led by Jenn Fortner. In FPD, missionary associates receive small group training and coaching as they invite individuals and churches to partner with them financially in the work God has called them to in Eurasia.

Michelle, one of our workers who just recently got to the field shared with us the amazing journey she’s had of raising the support that she need to get to Eurasia.

A few years ago, Michelle’s home church had a fundraiser where people hired others in the church to do odd jobs, but paid what they would have given for the job into a fund that would support people who were doing work overseas. Michelle was a teenager during that time, and had no idea then how that one fundraiser would impact her future.

The church put all the money they raised into a savings account, and allowed it to accumulate interest. More recently, when Michelle was raising her funds to come to Eurasia, and she was frustrated because she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted. On a Saturday afternoon, she got a call from her home church. The speaker they had scheduled was sick, and they needed someone to come and preach.

Michelle agreed to come, and during that service, between what was given in the offering to support her work, and the interest the church had accumulated from that one fundraiser years ago, they gave her $8,432.47 that day. That one offering ended up covering the remainder of Michelle’s cash budget, and helped fill some of the remaining monthly funds she needed to raise.

Then, on Sunday April 30th, Michelle’s home church gave an additional $1,600. She left the country for Eurasia a week later.

The provision that allowed Michelle to come to the field was literally years in the making. So if you’re raising funds, don’t despair! God knew what you needed years ago, and may have been working out your provision since before you decided to come to Eurasia.

And even if you’re not currently raising money to come to Eurasia, God can use you to help the important gospel work faithful believers like Michelle are doing. You never know what rewards your small gift today will reap in eternity!

Thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.


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