How You Can Help Muslims Learn the Truth about Jesus

December 6, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How You Can Help Muslims Learn the Truth about Jesus

One of the big obstacles in leading Muslims to the Lord is their opposition to the Bible.

For anyone in Islam who is curious about Christ, trying to obtain a Bible or being seen reading from one is very dangerous.

But what if the Muslims in Eurasia could learn all about Jesus without ever picking up a Bible?

That’s where the Biography of Jesus comes in.

The Biography of Jesus is a Bible-based book that tells the story of Jesus through the words of Scripture, and is something that we want to put it the hands of Muslims who are seeking the truth.

Because Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam, it is not dangerous for seekers to read about Him. It would be perilous for them to be seen reading a Bible, but reading a book about one of Islam’s prophets is perfectly acceptable.

In fact, they are reading it. And it’s transforming lives.

You can read all about the tremendous impact the Biography of Jesus is having over on our Faces of Eurasia page.

But we also want you to know that you can be a part of this amazing movement. It only costs a dollar to give a copy of this life-changing book to a Muslim who doesn’t yet know the truth about Jesus. That means for $25, your gift could impact the lives of 25 different people who need to know Jesus.

You can give any amount securely right here.

Thanks for helping us get more copies of this important book into the hands of those who need it. We are truly so glad that you’re a part of this community. We really couldn’t do this without you!

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