How You Can Be a Part of the Church-Planting Movement in Central Eurasia

October 15, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How You Can Be a Part of the Church-Planting Movement in Central Eurasia

Here at Euraisa Community, we’re really only about one thing: seeing church-planting movements realized among every single unreached people group in Eurasia.

It’s a big dream, one that cannot be accomplished without the power of God and our willingness to follow Him in obedience however He would call us to fulfill the Great Commission.

While there are various ways for us to take part in this big dream, from praying to giving, to being a part of creative outreaches to the unreached, today we want to share with you a straightforward opportunity that directly relates to our big dream:

We want you to come and be a part of our church-planting team in Central Eurasia.

This team is located in a mid-sized city with a university. We can’t say exactly where, for security reasons, but they are focused on sharing the gospel with those who have never heard it before and discipling new believers.

If you come and join us, you’ll be on the front lines of seeing new churches being planted among the unreached. If you’re interested in coming to Central Eurasia to join us, you can find more information here. And of course, you can always find all the opportunities to come to Eurasia on our pipeline page.

Thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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