Come Help Us Raise Up Future Leaders in Bangladesh

September 10, 2018 eurasiacommunity

Come Help Us Raise Up Future Leaders in Bangladesh

There has been a lot of church growth in Bangladesh over the last couple of decades, and a lot of that has been because of the Bible school there.

We’ll be telling you more about the work the Bible school is doing later this month, but today we wanted to highlight a unique opportunity to come to Southern Asia and help out.

As God raises up young men and women within Bangladesh who are called to reach out to their own people with the hope of the gospel, they are in desperate need of the Bible training to help them in their work as pastors and evangelists.

Are you a pastor, or evangelist or Bible teacher in your own church? We could use your help!

If you could come and teach for a couple of months, there’s no telling what sort of impact you could make in the lives of Bangladeshi people in the years to come. We could also arrange for you to teach a shorter-term class if you can only come for a week or two.

A BA is required for this opportunity. You can get more information by filling out the contact form here. We would love to have you. We really can’t do this without you!

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