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Come To Istanbul With Us This Summer

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Last week we told you about the important work that Live Dead teams are doing in Central Eurasia, and you were generous in your support. Thank you so much! But what if you could go to Central Eurasia and work with one of our Live Dead teams? What if you could spend a week living, eating, drinking and sharing your faith with the Muslim people we’ve been telling you about?

Well, this summer, we are offering not one but three different opportunities for you to come and spend an intense, fast-paced week experiencing life on the mission field of Istanbul.

The intensive focuses on intercession, glorifying God in the Muslim world, hands-on training, team life and life as a missionary as well as evangelism and loving Turkish people. You will get a taste of what God can do through you in the Muslim world. While in Istanbul, you will take part in whatever our Live Dead team is you’re here. We will take you prayer walking, do a little teaching on sharing your faith, and give you opportunities to “share early, share often.” You will also learn about Live|Dead Silk Road and what it will take to see the church planted across this vast area from Kyrgyzstan to Turkey, from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan.

Are you interested? If so, first, pray about this decision. We believe this would be an enriching and life-changing experience for you, but it isn’t one should take lightly. Ask the Lord if he would have you go to Istanbul this summer. Also, read our values, and watch this video and this one before you decide.

If you’ve done all that, and you want to come, great! Email us with the following information: legal name, birth date, phone number, departure location from the US, and any known allergies or medical conditions. Also, please include which trip you’d like to join, and why you want to come.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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