Come See if Working In Eurasia is For You

January 10, 2019 eurasiacommunity

Come See if Working In Eurasia is For You

All this year, we’re going to be sharing about our 1000 For Eurasia initiative.

We want to have one thousand workers, helping us to reach the lost and plant churches, on the field in Eurasia by 2021.

And maybe, one of those 1000 people could be you.

If you think you may be called to serve in Eurasia, but you’re not sure exactly what that means, an intensive or internship is a great way for you to see first-hand what we’re doing in Eurasia, and to explore how God is calling you to be a part of that work.

It takes all of us—prayer partners, financial supporters, social media advocates—along with those who physically go to Eurasia, to effectively reach the lost.

But you may never know if God has role for you to play on the field unless you come see the work for yourself.

You can see all the available opportunities to come to Eurasia on an intensive right here.

Thanks for being willing to explore how God might want to use you to reach the lost in Eurasia. We really couldn’t do this without you.

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