Come Share Jesus Through Your Love of the Outdoors!

February 28, 2019 eurasiacommunity

Come Share Jesus Through Your Love of the Outdoors!

We say it all the time here at Eurasia Community: coming to serve on the field isn’t just for pastors and Bible school students.

Whatever your interests, hobbies, and experiences, there is a place for you to serve within Eurasia, and that couldn’t be truer than with the opportunity we’re sharing with you today.

According to our pipeline page, this position is for you “if you love to live out of a tent, trek across glaciers, and see faces come alive while the Gospel is preached by the light of the campfire.”

Something about being outdoors outside of a regular routine tends to open our hearts to hear from God in a new way. If you’ve ever been to a church summer camp, you have probably experience this phenomenon firsthand. Because of this, taking people on adventures outdoors is an incredible tool for sharing the gospel in Eurasia.

We need someone who is an outdoors enthusiast—male or female—to help us use hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and similar activities to bring the gospel to those in Central Eurasia.

If this sounds like something you would love, you can find more details right here.

And as always, you can find all the opportunities to come to the field with us on the Eurasia Community pipeline page.

We’re so glad that you are a part of this community. We absolutely could not do this without you.

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