Could You Come Spend a Few Weeks in Eurasia?

August 13, 2018 eurasiacommunity

Could You Come Spend a Few Weeks in Eurasia?

Here at Eurasia Community, we are passionate about connecting people just like you to our big dream of seeing church planting movements realized among every single unreached people group in Eurasia.

And that often looks like us encouraging you to pursue opportunities to come to Eurasia, either for a year or two as an associate, or for foreseeable future as your career path.

But those aren’t the only ways to come to Eurasia.

There are actually lots of opportunities to come to Eurasia on a short trip—just for a week or two, or maybe a couple of months—to help our workers with projects, to pray for the unreached people, and just to see the need in these areas for yourself. In fact, workers like the McKinleys, church planters in Lithuania we’ll introduce you to later this week, couldn’t do what they’re doing in Eurasia if it weren’t for teams that came and served in Eurasia for just a couple of weeks.

If you have a heart for Eurasia, but don’t think God is calling you to a career or even one term on the field here, would you consider coming to Eurasia on a short-term trip?

And if you’re a pastor or church leader, when was the last time you took your congregation on a overseas trip? Would you consider planning one to Eurasia for next year? We need people like the ones in your church to come and help us reach the lost in Eurasia Northwest and the other areas of Eurasia.

When we say we couldn’t do this without you, that’s not just a catchphrase—we really mean it. And if we’re going to be serious about reaching this world for Jesus, we all need to do what we can, including being willing to sacrifice of our time and spend a few weeks serving on a foreign field.

Thank you so much for taking these needs seriously. You can find a whole list of these short-term trips right here.

We are genuinely grateful that you make this blog a part of your week, and we’re so glad that you are a part of this community!

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