Come Work With Us on a Short-Term Trip to Iran!

April 13, 2018 eurasiacommunity

Come Work With Us on a Short-Term Trip to Iran!

Has the idea of a short term trip to Eurasia caught your attention?

Maybe you heard about a trip to an orphanage or to village to build a church. Or maybe you heard that there are hundreds of millions of people who haven’t heard about Jesus and are completely unreached.

Whatever caught your attention, you feel like God is asking you to consider your role in the solution.

Why don’t you consider a short, intense trip of sharing Christ with Iranians in 2018?

These short trips are times of fervenrt prayer, learning, and zealous proclamation of Jesus. You will do it all while experiencing what life is like on a church planting team. And we believe that by the end you will be forever changed with a new mandate of how God wants you to pray, give, and even go to the unreached.

Take a look at the Live|Dead Iran website to see our opportunities for 2018.

Also, please note: team members live in a country nearby Iran and minister from there.

Thanks for prayerfully considering coming to Iran to see in person what we’re doing there. We are so glad you are a part of this community!

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