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Your Easter Gifts Can Support Work in Eurasia

Easter is one month from today. Can you believe it?

This time of the year is so wonderful for us who know and follow Jesus, as we consider the incomparable work He did for us on the cross and the wonderful news that changed the world: He is risen!

Everything we do here at Eurasia Community is with the ultimate goal of sharing that good news with every unreached people group in Eurasia.

I can’t think of a better way to honor what Christ has done for us than to make sure the way we celebrate it helps to share the Gospel with others who have yet to hear it.

So as you think forward to how you might celebrate our Savior’s death and resurrection with your own family this Spring, we wanted to make you aware of a way you can give back to Eurasia with your purchases.

Eurasia Coffee & Tea is one arm of the multi-faceted Eurasia Community. It was founded in 2010 to help “bring awareness and give back to the many social justice causes [and] non-profit organizations we work with in Eurasia.” They sell direct-trade, ethically sourced coffee so that they can give back to the work we’re doing in Eurasia.

A little something from Eurasia Coffee & Tea would be the perfect gift for any coffee and tea drinkers in your life.

They also have a small selection of beautiful merchandise like this lovely mug that features Uttam’s Place  in Southern Asia (pictured above).

The best part is, ten percent of whatever you spend at Eurasia Coffee & Tea will go to support the work we’re doing in Eurasia.

If you’re buying something for your loved ones this Easter, would you consider shopping at Eurasia Coffee & Tea? You can browse all the products they offer on their website. And if you want to stay on top of all everything that’s going on with Eurasia Coffee & Tea, you can follow them on Instagram.

Thanks so much for your support. We really couldn’t do this without you!

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