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Eurasia Community Pipeline

It all starts with a Call. That call can be a growing awareness, a confirmation through a conversation, a divine appointment, a dream, or a prophetic word. God invites people to join Him on mission among the unreached every day. So, you know God is speaking. The question is, where do you start when you feel God calling you to serve in missions?

The Eurasia Pipeline is designed to help those God is calling to find their place in the harvest. From week-long trips to two-year assignments, we can match you to the countries and causes that fit your strengths and passions. There is a place of service for every gifting–teachers, bookkeepers, soccer coaches, and statisticians are all needed in Eurasia. There is a “fit” for you.

Once you’ve enrolled in the Pipeline, you’ll be contacted and coached by a worker in your field of choice as you take the journey to missions service. Currently, more than 5,000 future missionaries are in conversation through Pipeline. You’ll have an advocate to help you clearly hear God’s voice and find your optimum place of service.

Diana was exposed to the need in Eurasia when she attended the World Missions Summit, where she met a Pipeline representative and started her journey. Less than a year later, she was serving on a church-planting team in the Arab World. She served there two years, building lasting relationships and sharing God’s love in practical ways. Today, she is returning for an additional two-year assignment. Her relationship with her Pipeline coach helped her clarify her call and place of service.


Service opportunities are available in every area of Eurasia. God wants to use you to bring his hope to those with the least access.

Get in the Pipeline by clicking below and find your place in the harvest.


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