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Faces of Eurasia: Bibles for the Arab World

Photo by Harry Miller on Unsplash

Our workers in the Arab world often live in areas where the Bible is not readily available.

In fact, in many areas, the residents have never met someone who follows Jesus. They have no reference for discussing the claims of Christ. Yet they have great reverence for the Scriptures. Other than having missionaries on the ground, providing Bibles and New Testaments to seekers from a Muslim background is the most effective way of doing evangelism.

Much of the time, local people are eager to receive copies of God’s Word. In fact, Christians are often known as “people of the Book.” The problem is, our workers in the Arab World are finding more interest in Bibles than they have Bibles to share.

Thankfully, when our workers met Ahmed,* they had a Bible available to give to him.

Ahmed met a couple of our team members when he began attending an English center in his Arab World city. During a class outing, Ahmed admitted that at first he was leery of attending the center, but he really enjoyed his time there and wanted to know more about what Christians believe. A team member asked if he would like a Bible, and Ahmed enthusiastically said yes!

One of the most desperate needs for our workers is that they do not have enough Bibles to share with those who are seeking the truth. Our workers try to point these seekers towards online resources where they can find Scripture, but the people place a high value on having a physical copy of the Bible, and the demand is still higher than what our workers can provide.

What might have become of Ahmed if the center didn’t have a Bible to give him? You can read the rest of his story and find out more information about giving to this important cause in this month’s Faces of Eurasia feature.

Thanks in advance for helping to meet this crucial need, and thanks, as always, for being a part of the Eurasia community. We couldn’t do this without you.

* Name has been changed.

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