April 6, 2017 eurasiacommunity

Faces of Eurasia: Live Dead Silk Road Church-Planting Team

As we said on Monday, many people in the Eurasia region live in places where Christianity is not the predominant religion. In Central Eurasia, many of the nations are so without a gospel presence that the majority of people living there will go their whole lives without ever hearing the name of Jesus.

Teams planting churches through a program called Live Dead exist to change that.

This month’s Faces of Eurasia feature tells the story of Beth and Ruth, two women who have received Live Dead Training, and their conversation with a young woman they met named Lydia.

“When Beth started to talk about Jesus, Lydia immediately became interested. At one point in their conversation, Lydia said, “My heart is so empty. Is yours?” “Not at all,” Beth and Ruth replied. They used this opportunity to tell Lydia the story of Jesus and how God fills their hearts with His presence. After a few days, Beth and Ruth went back to Lydia’s workplace. Lydia immediately greeted them and asked more questions. She said she had told her entire family what she had learned about Jesus, and now they wanted to know more. Beth gave Lydia a Turkish Bible so she could read the good news for herself.”

You can read the rest of Lydia’s story here . But know that none of what happened with her would not have been possible if Beth and Ruth had not learned to speak Lydia’s language or had a Bible they could give to her.

Your gift can provide Live Dead team members with such training and Bibles. Our workers need 500 hours of language training. You can help them receive one of those hours for just $12. A case of 40 Turkish Bibles, like the one Beth and Ruth gave to Lydia, is only $80.

We have such easy access to the gospel in America – with smart phones, a Bible in our language is literally at our fingertips at all times. Can we not sacrifice this small amount to give similar opportunities to the lost in Central Eurasia?

You can give to the Live Dead teams in Central Eurasia here . Thanks so much for the part you play in the Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without YOU.

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