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Faces of Eurasia: Turkey is Hungry For God’s Word

Every month, we send out a letter to many, like you, who are a part of the Eurasia Community, sharing with you one of the many stories we are hearing about what is happening in various parts of Eurasia.

This month, we are thrilled to share with you all about the growing hunger in Turkey for the Word of God. Brad’s story is one of many about how people in this largely unreached nation long to know about Jesus.

Brad,* a Central Eurasia team member living in Turkey, met a young man, Cem, at a coffee shop in Istanbul. During the conversation, Brad told him a parable from the Bible.

When Brad opened his Bible to show Cem the same parable he had just related, Cem’s eyes grew wide. “You actually have a Bible!” he exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to read one of these!”

That day Cem eagerly received his very first Bible.

Across Turkey, the vast majority of people have never read God’s Word. Many of them have never even seen a Bible.

Turkey has no official state religion, but the population is overwhelmingly Muslim. Only about 2 percent of Turkey’s citizens are classified as Christian. Even among these, only a small number have a personal relationship with Christ.

In this land where the Early Church spread, the gospel is virtually unknown today.

Even so, a growing number of Turks are becoming curious about the Bible….

Click over to Faces of Eurasia to read the rest.

And if you’re interested in helping provide Turkish language Bibles to help reach families in Turkey, you can give securely here.

Thanks so much for your partnership in the gospel, and for being a part of the Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without you!

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  1. Craig

    Greetings in the name of Jesus from Ontario, Canada! I am originally from the US. I now live in Ontario, Canada! I have dual citizenship in the US and Canada. I am a follower of Jesus. I love Turkey. ❤ I am praying for the children, people, government, youth and Christians of Turkey as God leads me. I am praying for the Persecuted Church in Turkey. Have a great day!

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