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Faces of Euraisa: Backpack

Photo by Aman Shrivastava on Unsplash

Today was the first day of school where I live, which is hard to believe.

It seems a little early to me, but fall is around the corner and even if they haven’t started yet, kids all over will be going back to school soon, and not just in the US. For children in Eurasia, the start of school can be an exciting time, but for many, it adds additional stress.

Children in Lithuania face countless obstacles anyway. In the wake of communism, Lithuania’s economy struggled, and the people struggled even more because of the hopelessness of both physical and spiritual poverty. Kids are often part of dysfunctional family systems in this nation with high suicide and alcoholism rates.

School, along with its costs and demands, just adds one more burden to these children’s lives.

What if you could bring hope to these precious children for just $20? Would you do it?

In this month’s Faces of Eurasia feature, we’re sharing all about the Full of Life project, which is sharing the gospel and showing tangible love to needy kids in Lithuania.

As it says on the Faces of Eurasia website, “In light of the cost of school supplies in the U.S., $20 doesn’t seem like much. But to a child in Lithuania, the Full of Life backpack is a treasure.

You can read all about the Full Life project and the kids in Lithuania who benefit from it over at the Faces of Eurasia website.

And if you want to give $20 (or $40 or $60 or more!) to provide hope for these kids, you can give securely right here.

Thank you so much for generosity, and as always, thanks for being a part of the Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without you!

PS. If you’re at General Council, it’s not too late to come see us at our booth in the exhibit hall. Stop by and say hello. We’d love to see you!

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