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God Is Always Faithful: A Fundraising Testimony

Josh and Deanna Martin, a married couple who will be going soon to serve in Eurasia, participated in the Financial Partnership Development program we offer at Eurasia Community. Through FPD, Jenn Fortner provides training and coaching to our workers for the entire length of the fundraising process.

During their recent training, Josh and Deanna were challenged to set up appointments with potential donors and ask for a specific amount of money at the end of the meeting. Their very first appointment was with another married couple who were their friends. The Martins took Jenn’s advice, and at the end of the appointment, they asked specifically for a $100 pledge.

They were shocked when their friends instantly said yes.

This couple had been praying about how they could support Josh and Deanna financially before the meeting. God spoke to them about committing to give $100 a month before the Martins even asked. Both couples were amazed that God had put on their hearts the exact same amount.

The contribution came in right away, and the whole experience gave the Martins confidence to continue building a financial partnership team. They continued to be very relational throughout the process and made sure to pray over every appointment.

About five months into the fundraising process, Josh and Deanna were getting close to having raised their full budget, when they received an unexpected financial gift of $5,000 from someone they had never met. This large one-time gift put them at 100%!

As you can see, God is faithful to provide for the needs of those whom He calls, and is able to provide those funds at exactly the right time, so that our workers can get to the field precisely when God intends for them to be there. It is always, always, always about the kingdom of God, and if God himself has asked you to go, He will make a way for you to get there.

If you are currently fundraising, take heart! God sees and knows your needs and He will be faithful. As it says in Acts 17:26-27, “He determined the times set for them, and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek Him, and perhaps reach out and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.”

If God has not asked you to go, would you pray about if He is asking you to give? There are many couples like Josh and Deanna who need financial partners like you.

Email us for more information about how you can give to other families going to Russia and Belarus. And thanks so much for being a part of this community!

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