What Could Happen in Your Church If You Prayed for Eurasia for an Entire Year?

March 22, 2018 eurasiacommunity

What Could Happen in Your Church If You Prayed for Eurasia for an Entire Year?

If you’ve been reading the Eurasia Community blog for long, you know that there’s really only one reason we do any of this: we want to see the lost in Eurasia come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

And you probably also know that we consider each one of you a vital part of this community, whether you’re on the field in Eurasia, considering a trip in the future, or financially supporting those who are going. But no matter where we are , there something we all can do to help more people in Eurasia come to know Jesus—the most important thing we can do—is to pray.

An entire arm of the Eurasia Community is dedicated to the important work of encouraging and helping you pray for Eurasia.

We’ve shared several of our different prayer resources with you here on the blog, but today I wanted to make sure you knew about Year4Eurasia.

We’ll celebrate Easter in less than two weeks, and for many churches, that marks the beginning of a new season. You may be wrapping up a sermon series, or starting to promote things you’ll be doing over the summer.

Why not add praying for Eurasia to things your church begins this spring?

If you’re a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, a small group leader, or a small group leader, you can lead your people through an entire year of praying for Eurasia with the resources on our website.

Can you imagine what kind of a difference it would make if you banded together with other believers and committed to praying for the people of Eurasia for the next year? Your prayers could change a nation, an area, or maybe even the whole region.

We want to see the people in Eurasia come to Jesus. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your prayers. We couldn’t do this without YOU.

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