An Important Project in Israel and Palestine Needs Your Prayers

Today’s story comes straight from the field about important work being done by a local Assemblies of God pastor in the Israel/Palestine area:

One of our pastors who works in a mixed Jewish and Arab community has had a compassion ministry for a number of years. His congregation is poor yet they take an offering to feed those who are even more needy in their community.

Since this pastor does not discriminate between Jew and Arab and gives to whomever comes, the city has grown to trust him. There is a great need for school space in our city, so an opportunity was presented to this pastor to open a school that would give him a means for influencing the community and the children for Jesus, as well as providing a place where the church could meet.

In addition to the school, there will also be a community center.

Our community is poor, and the people living here have never had the opportunity to learn English, business skills, or to even engage in things like art and creative activities. The new community center will allow those less fortunate to gain valuable skills, along with providing activities for children and young people in a peaceful, Christian environment.

We believe the new school and community center will provide an inroad to sharing the Gospel and allowing volunteers from around the world to demonstrate the love of Jesus to a very needy city.

Would you join with us in praying for the efforts to reach the lost in this part of the Israel/Palestine area? Much of the funds for the project have already been raised but there are still needed funds for the renovation of the space for a school and for a meeting place, community center as well as a new center from which the church can continue their compassion work.

Pray that God will provide for the needs of our brothers and sisters as they endeavor to reach the lost.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We really couldn’t do this without you!

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