In a moment of BREAKTHROUGH

January 16, 2020 Nicole Jacob

In a moment of BREAKTHROUGH

Andrei’s family is just one example of Jesus’s TRANSFORMING POWER among the Roma people.

Andrei recently invited a few Eurasia workers to come share the Gospel with his family. But, it was even more than that. There was an urgent need Andrei had presented to the workers.

Andrei’s adult daughter, Nadia was living with her in-laws, but was recently sent back to Andrei because she had been suffering from demonic possession. Every effort her in-laws attempted to heal her proved futile. In the midst of the stress and fear for his daughter, Andrei returned back to drinking. He hadn’t drank since his salvation a month prior.

A few members from our team serving in Russia went to Andrei’s home to meet with Nadia. As they entered, they could immediately feel the fear, hopelessness, and depression that was filling the space.

Our workers on the field prayed for Nadia and the evil spirit began to manifest intensely. IN A MOMENT OF BREAKTHROUGH, Nadia began to PRAY that Jesus would set her free. She then experienced supernatural deliverance and IMMEDIATELY WANTED TO GIVE HER LIFE TO CHRIST!

Nadia visibly transformed into a new person; no longer attached to the demonic spirit, but instead set free through Jesus Christ. This example of Christ’s love has had a rapid affect on the people Nadia interacts with.

Her newfound joy and expression of who Jesus is to her family and community has already led six of her family members to the salvation of Christ!

The Eurasia workers who experienced this breakthrough with Nadia shared that they could feel the new atmosphere of JOY and HOPE surrounding their family.

We believe God will continue to deliver people from darkness. Pray with us that Jesus will use the Roma to bring His salvation to the Muslims and other minority groups of Russia.

Prayer Requests for Russia:

  • For God to bring us a local believer to run our social media platform
  • Intercession for those we are discipling who have received Jesus that they would experience a complete identity switch, be baptized, and start to make new disciples
  • Ask for us to find people of peace; people who would receive Jesus and begin to make disciples among their own people group
  • This month we are going to have one of the new believers among the Roma (Gypsies) take over the responsibilities of shepherding his local house church. Please pray for the Spirit’s anointing and enablement on this young man
  • For a young Muslim woman that several of our teammates are studying the Word with weekly, that God will open her heart to the truth and that she will begin leading her family to Christ.

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