In The Waiting

December 6, 2019 Nicole Jacob

In The Waiting

A call to global missions was never something Anna ever felt growing up. Since the 8th grade her mind was set on becoming a pastor.

Anna admitted that while growing up, she believed the entire world already knew about Jesus and did not understand why some Christians would pick up their lives and move to a different country. There should be no urgency to share the Gospel globally if the whole world already knows Him, right?

When she was 20 years old, attending a Christian University to pursue her dream of ministry, the school hosted an interactive Eurasia experience where students could encounter authentic sights and sounds from areas of the Region. The room that caught her attention was that of a Hindu temple. She witnessed a Hindu man praying to a statue and recognized for the FIRST TIME that not everyone has had the opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel.

With tears in her eyes and her heart now broken for the unreached, she knew she needed to do something.

Anna took her first trip to the Arab World on accident. She was originally meant to go to Bosnia, but her team was redirected to Oman due to safety needs. There were logistical challenges, but God was still glorified. God confronted her judgements and challenged her heart while on that trip. She began to become fascinated by Islam and the people of this region.

[ She knew that one day she would return to the field ]

As the commitment to the mission of sharing Jesus with the unreached began to increase, so did her impatience. She felt a strong pull from the Lord to serve in Israel/Palestine and hoped to do so immediately. Realizing that she was not able to be there instantly was something that weighed heavy on her heart. In time, she has found healing through the Lord, knowing that HE IS IN THE WAITING.

“It’s easy to think if it doesn’t happen immediately that it is not coming any time soon. Abraham waited a lot longer!” – Anna

Upon arrival to the field, Anna will be immersed in Arabic language learning and culture training. Then she will be plugged into a Church planting team to serve the unreached and proclaim the Gospel message.

With this new mindset, she is ready to step in fully to the plan and timing that God has prepared for her. Now that Anna has been approved as a Missionary Associate for a 2-year commitment, the preparation and fundraising has officially begun. If you are interested in learning more about Anna’s mission in Israel/Palestine and would like to consider supporting her, please connect with us at We would be happy to connect you to her story and fundraising information.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the weighing stress of working a full-time job while also support raising
  • For her to stay present in her at the moment and to recognize this season is purposeful

Follow the link here if you are interested in learning more about the Israel/Palestine area and the ministry that is taking place there.

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