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Islam: Its Growing Influence, How to Pray, and a Great Book for You To Read


We told you Monday about the many people groups who make up Eurasia. To be sure, there are hundreds of thousands of lost in Eurasia who are not Muslim, but it would untrue and unhelpful to ignore the influence Islam has in the region. Even nations like Russia, which we don’t typically think of as a Muslim nation, have seen a growing influence of Islamic religion in recent years.

But our gracious God loves each person he made, including every single Muslim living in Eurasia. Even if we count Muslims among our enemies, Jesus has told us to love our enemies. What better way to love them than to reach out in understanding with the hope of salvation?

Muslims need that hope.

They need to know they can be sure of their salvation if they put their trust in Jesus Christ. Whether you are called to go overseas as a missionary yourself, or stay behind in America and support the work others are doing overseas, it’s crucial that we, as the Church, understand this vast population and how we can point them to Jesus.

One book that comes highly recommended by our workers is Nabeel Quereshi’s Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

Nabeel was raised in a Muslim home but as a young man, befriended someone who was a Christian. Throughout the book he explains his journey of trying to defend his faith to his friend, and how he ultimately encounters the truth of Christianity instead.

But in addition to being a powerful testimony, the book goes into great detail about the false teachings of Islam, and Muslims’ false perceptions about what Christianity teaches.

In the book, Nabeel says,

“There are simply too many barriers for Muslim immigrants to understand Christians and the West by sheer circumstance. Only the exceptional blend of love, humility, hospitality, and persistence can overcome these barriers and not enough people make the effort…. One of the greatest travesties of all is that Muslim immigrant often associate Western immoralities with Christianity…. If they were to intimately know even one Christian who lived differently, their misconceptions might be corrected, and they might see Christianity in a virtuous light.”

– Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, pp 80-81

You can be that one Christian who lives differently among the Muslims in your community, whether they are refugees, Americans, or natives of the country where you are the outsider.

Also please pray for our workers in Eurasia who are laboring to bring the light of Jesus to Muslim nations.

Thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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