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Know How To Pray for India (or Anywhere Else in Eurasia)

Over the past year, we’ve shared stories, testimonies, and needs from all over the region of Eurasia.

But maybe there was a particular area that really tugged on your heart this year, and you’d like to know how to better continue praying for that city or nation in 2018.

Or maybe you’re thinking about coming to Eurasia in the next year or two and you want to keep an eye on the area where you will be working.

Maybe you’re simply curious about what’s going on in Eurasia and want to know why it’s so important to us.

If any of these describe you, the Pray4Eurasia website can help you.

Each nation in the vast Eurasia region has its own dedicated page on the Pray4Nations website, and you’ll find all kinds of information there about that nation, what’s going on there right now, and how to pray.

Say, for example, I wanted to know more about India. I could go here, and immediately, I’d see a map of India, and the staggering statistic that almost 90% of 1.3 billion people are unreached.

I’d be able to see what time it is there right now and what newsworthy things have been happening in India lately, like this story about how Alzheimer’s may be affecting as many as 4 million Indians, and a controversy about the Taj Mahal.

I could see pictures of people living in India, and I could see a prayer need for pastors there who have been jailed for their faith in Jesus.

So I could take that information and begin praying for the vast lost in India, for those suffering from the horrible effects of dementia, and for the pastors in India and the persecution they face. I would immediately have concrete ways to understand and lift up the needs of this field.

And this type of information is avaible for every single nation we serve in Eurasia.

As you consider your prayer time, your giving, and maybe even your travel for 2018, make sure that the Pray4Eurasia website is a part of how you think about Euraisa. You can find a map of all the countries on Pray4Eurasia right here.

Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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