What It’s Like To Spend A Day On the Field in Russia

May 10, 2018 eurasiacommunity

What It’s Like To Spend A Day On the Field in Russia

Today’s post comes us from our teammates on the field in Russia. This is what a typical day looks like for her, as she goes about kingdom work there:

My alarm goes off. Time to wake up.

What do I do first? Pray.

The Enemy starts early with his attacks—those same old doubts and fears—but as I allow the Holy Spirit to speak truth over the lies, I receive all the peace and power I need for this day.

After breakfast, I head over to my mentors’ house for an hour of prayer and worship with my teammates. Again, I have an opportunity to connect with God, but I’m also reminded that I am not alone in this – we are all one body fighting for the lost souls in this region.

At 10:00, I head to the university.

Several friends greet me in the hallway. One advantage of being an American here is that there are dozens of students eager to practice their English, so making friends is easy!

I spend the morning in classes, struggling to wrap my brain around a grammar system that even the Russians (admittedly) do not understand.

At lunchtime, at almost every table in the cafeteria sit different unreached people groups.

I take a seat at a new spot. Inevitably, someone asks me the question that opens the door to sharing my testimony: “Why in the world would you come to Russia?”

My answer? “Because God told me to.”

After class, I text my teammates – “Where should we go “fishing” today?”

We decide to head outside where plenty of students are milling about. We strike up a conversation with two Muslim young women. They listen politely as we share the Gospel but don’t believe it. This happens more than we would like, but we trust that we will reap the harvest if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).

The evening comes. Time for church!

Sometimes, we meet to disciple young Russian believers. Other times, we read the Word with Muslim students who long to know God.

Tonight, we meet with a friend from a nearby Muslim republic who recently put her faith in Jesus.

When we first met, she would become tense and quiet at the mention of Jesus, but it was such a joy to watch her fall more and more in love with Him as she read His Word. As we share about Jesus’ forgiveness, we ask our friend if she knows she is forgiven. Immediately she says, “Yes! By Jesus!”

We hug her and encourage her to share this same hope of salvation with her family.

We hope this glimpse into day-to-day life on our team in Russia helps you see the purpose behind everything they do there – to sow and water Gospel seeds that will multiply and bring generations of souls to salvation.

But the team cannot do it alone. We need people praying for them every day. We need people to come work alongside them to reach the millions in this region who are still unreached with the gospel.

Please join us in praying for the team in Russia, and prayerfully consider if God might be asking you to join our team in this day-to-day work.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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