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Links For Your Thursday: Sri Lankan Women in Politics and A Refugee Crisis You Probably Haven’t Heard About


Photo Credit: Thomas Munita for The New York Times

Here on the Eurasia Community blog, we are trying to connect people with every aspect of our big dream to see church=planting movements realized among every people group in Eurasia. For some of us, that will mean literally going to Eurasia and serving for a season or a lifetime to help bring the gospel to the unreached.

But for those of us who are called to remain behind and support the work through financial gifts and prayer , it can be helpful if we understand what is actually going on in Eurasia.

That’s why, once a month, we like to share current events going on in the different areas of the vast Eurasia region.

This month, we reached out to our workers in Southern Asia, and they pointed us to a couple of things they wanted to you to know about.

In Sri Lanka, there is an unprecedented opportunity for women to fight back against corruption in their government by running for office. But they are facing tremendous opposition.

And this one is even more sobering: an ethnic group in Myanmar called the Rohingya are being violently persecuted in what some are calling an ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of thousands have fled their country, but Bangladesh, where they’re taken refuge, is about to experience seasonal flooding which could endanger the lives of these refugees.

As you read these articles and think about what the people of Southern Asia are facing, would you pray with us for them?

Pray for the women in Sri Lanka running for office and the Rohingya people.

Pray too, for our workers in Southern Asia, that God would open doors for them to share the gospel with these people.


Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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