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Live Dead Launch Team: How You Can Help Make Disciples in Central Eurasia

We’ve been talking about Live Dead a lot this month, because of our focus on Central Eurasia.

Live Dead teams are doing the important work of taking the gospel to people who have literally never heard the name of Jesus before, and one of the coolest thing about these teams is just that – they work in teams.

No one on a Live Dead team is expected to venture out on their own. One team in Central Eurasia, the Launch Team, is actually raising up and training other new teams to go out and establish church planting movements in 9 other nations along the Silk Road.

Recently, the Launch Team hosted interns from a Chi Alpha group in the States. While the interns were with the Launch Team, they had the miraculous opportunity to visit the campus of one of the universities in town. This is not something they could have done without God’s help; these universities are typically locked down to outsiders. But God gave the team favor, and they were brought onto the campus, where they were able to meet both faculty and students, and share the gospel with them.

From that opportunity, they were able to build a relationship with a young woman who had heard of the Bible and Jesus, but hadn’t yet had an opportunity to read the Bible for herself. They gave her a Bible that day, and she eventually ended up coming to know Jesus as her Savior.

This is the work the Launch Team is doing in Central Eurasia, as they raise up and train other teams to go out and do the same work in other cities. But the training takes time and money. They have to spend time learning the language of their new country. Also, they have to be trained in the basics of evangelism and discipleship.

There are numerous other obstacles to overcome, including finding ways to get into the country. For those who start a business as a platform for entering a country, they need capital for that business’s start-up costs. There is also the cost of living overseas. Also, there are costs associated with the resources they use to share the gospel, such as the Bible they gave to the young woman from the university.

Would you please consider giving to these urgent and important needs? Any amount you give could help. Just a few dollars will buy several Bibles for these workers to give to people who need them.

We just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus as a church, and I don’t know about you, but it is burning in my heart for the whole world to know these amazing truths: Jesus is alive! We can know and draw near to God because of the blood he shed for our sins! We have hope of eternal life because of Him!

We aren’t all called to go to Central Eurasia. But we are all called to make disciples, and maybe giving to the work the Live Dead Launch Team is doing is what God would have you do today to help all nations come to know Him. To give, click here. Thank you so much for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do any of it without you.

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