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Do You Love to Teach? Central Eurasia Needs YOU!

Last month, we explained that you don’t have to be a pastor or a preacher to come work with us in Eurasia. In fact, we often have a greater need for people with experience in the work world than people who have background only in full-time ministry.

One of the things the Central Eurasia area needs most desperately is teachers. For some positions, this means people with a formal teaching background, and for others, it just requires a love of teaching and a willingness to help

Here are a few of the opportunities available:

Homeschool Teacher
School Year 2015/2016 & 2016/2017, 9 Months – 2 Year Commitment

A homeschool teacher is needed to assist a missionary family planting churches among the unreached for K-2nd grade for three children for the 2015/2016 and the 2016/2017 school years. You will live in the middle of a world-class city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. If desired other ministry opportunities in evangelism and discipleship will be provided. Female preferred. No teaching experience required. 9 month to 2 year commitment.

International MK School – Central Eurasia
1-2 Years; MAPS Volunteer (1-11 months)

Come join the staff of an MK school located in one of the most beautiful countries of Central Eurasia! This position does not require a math degree. Want to teach in the exciting city where East meets West? Do you desire to make a difference in the life of a young international person? Wish to serve with a purpose? Come join our community at the International School. The following positions are available: Kindergarten, 2 x Elementary Teacher, Middle School Science, Middle School Social Studies, Elementary ELL. For inquiries email us.

Also, even for those who come to be a part of one of the Live Dead teams, there is often a need to find creative ways to access the people who need to hear the gospel. Teaching  is one platform that gives our workers access to people who need to hear about the hope we have in Jesus. Here’s what our pipeline page has to say about that opportunity:

LiveDead Silk Road Team Member (2-3 Positions)
Length/Dates :
1-2+ years

This Live Dead team exists in a medium-sized city home to a large state university. There are currently zero known local believers in our city and consequently zero churches of any kind. Our vision is to make disciples and plant indigenous Christian fellowships in this area. The population of the nation in which we live is 99.8% Muslim. The city is situated up in the mountains with a small ski resort, many natural mountain lakes and also Biblical archeological sites nearby and is only a two-hour drive from the coast. We are in a sensitive, creative access area. Our platform to live here is teaching English.

You can see all of the opportunities to come to Central Eurasia here. Would you prayerfully consider if God is asking you to come and server for a year or two (or longer) among these people who desperately need the gospel? Thanks for praying, and for being a part of this community. We need you!

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