August 26, 2020 leslie thomas

New Oasis in the City

She needed an escape — an oasis — a place to get away from the horror show of her life and find HOPE —

And you helped make it possible.

Alina was a young girl in a very strict Muslim family. Her older brothers had rebelled — both were addicted to drugs, and one was in prison for drug offenses.

Her father struggled to find work, and the family lived in an impoverished Bangladeshi slum. Alina’s dad was so controlling, he did not even allow his wife to learn to read.

Brutality and ignorance seemed the only path ahead for Alina — and perhaps an early marriage to another controlling Muslim man…

But then you opened a whole new world of possibilities to her: Faces of Eurasia ministers to girls in Bangladesh through a center called Uttam’s Place.

Uttam’s Place offers girls in need the things they most desperately need: clean drinking water, a daily nutritious meal, lessons on health and hygiene, a safe and sanitary place to shower —

And we make sure each one is enrolled in school and able to get help with her homework so she can stay in school — an education is critical to the future of girls in Muslim nations (or any nation).

We also introduce the girls to the Lord Jesus. Many of them choose to follow Christ as Savior…

Alina is one of them!

Three years ago, her family moved away from Dhaka, where Uttam’s Place is — but Alina was well prepared with her faith in God and excellent academic skills. In her new village, she began earning money by tutoring other students…

Now she’s preparing for exams that would allow her to attend college.

This is a remarkable outcome for a Muslim girl from a vulnerable family in Bangladesh…

And it was made possible by Uttam’s Place.

The love of Christ transformed her AND her future!

Today, Uttam’s Place is expanding, and you get to be a part of the brand new center in an area of the city called Moghbazar! I’m inviting you to invest in the lives of girls like Alina… those who have been rescued from hopelessness, prejudice, and darkness and placed on the path to new life and hope in Christ!

Our goal is to raise $23,500 to create an “Oasis in the City” at the new center Uttam’s Place. Right now our program is able to provide a safe haven, but with the rooftop oasis there can be so much more.

Our Oasis in the City will be a rooftop activity center to provide …

A kitchen where girls can learn to cook and prepare meals for large outreach events.

An outdoor activity area for soccer, badminton, and other sports.In Dhaka girls are more or less forbidden from playing outdoors because of strict Islamic rules — they can’t be where the boys are. This outdoor area would be a wonderful blessing for their physical and emotional health.

A garden space to be used as a prayer and relaxation garden.

Your generous contribution today will help make this beautiful oasis possible for girls in need. And you’ll also be part of sharing God’s love with people throughout Eurasia through our other outreaches.

For the sake of children like Alina — for their future — for the sake of the Gospel… Please pray about giving your best possible.

As you read this, North America is still struggling to recover from the coronavirus crisis, and I know times are hard for many. Your Faces of Eurasia ministry team has been praying for you and will continue to do so.

Some people can’t afford to give now…and we understand. This also makes it very important for those who have been blessed to give to do so as generously as they are able to at this moment.

Muslim girls in Bangladeshi slums are disadvantaged in so many ways. They have very little hope for the future unless someone helps them escape their tragic circumstances and discover new life in Christ.

The girls we serve today through Uttam’s Place — and the new Oasis in the City — will grow up to become strong women … the wives, mothers, teachers, leaders, and influencers of the nation of Bangladesh.

What if they could be joyful Christians rather than beholden to radical Islam? They can be, as we share the Savior’s love and practical aid with them.

P.S. You can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up poor, and female, in the Islamic world. But we can change everything for these girls, by extending God’s love to them! Please help today.


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