News From Our Teams in Central Eurasia

February 21, 2019 eurasiacommunity

News From Our Teams in Central Eurasia

This information comes from one of our pray bands in Iran. If you would like to receive real-time information of needs and answers to prayer from one of our Live Dead teams, with many more details than we are able to share here publicly on our blog, we invite you to looking into starting a Pray Band 

The situation inside Iran is increasingly desperate.

Hopelessness and despair color and thicken the air.

It is creating a spiritual hunger and thirst.

In March, Iranians observe their New Year called Nowruz and many usually travel to our Gateway City, a place from which we send out our teams, to celebrate. The desperate economic and political situation in Iran may be a hinderance for Iranians to travel.

Our team needs wisdom to obey the Lord in our role during these days when the economic and political situation restricts us from interaction. Our biggest desire is that we would serve with joy and abandon however He asks us.

But would you please join in praying with us for the desperate needs in this country?

Please pray that these desperate times in Iran will open the door to the Truth and that the lies of the enemy will not prosper.

Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom as we move forward with opening a coffee shop in our city. May this be a place that the Lord uses for encounters with the gospel and disciple-making.

Pray that all those who labor in broad sowing with us during Nowruz are effective and that the gospel is followed by signs and wonders.

And finally, please pray that the name of Jesus is proclaimed. May those who come to our Gateway cities be hungry and ready to receive the gospel.

Thank you so much for praying, and as always, for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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