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How One Miracle is Changing an Area in Central Eurasia (& How You Can Be Praying)

Khalid is a believer in Central Eurasia. At the beginning of March, one of his classmates called him worried about his sister, whom he described as being uncontrollable, due to being tormented by a demon. This young woman’s family  had tried doctors, medicines, and had even called the Imam (Islamic teacher) to come and do special “prayers” and folk magic over her. But these efforts only made her worse.

So, Khalid went to their house. He found her wrapped in a blanket – the family’s desperate attempt to restrain her. Khalid told the family that only Jesus Messiah could heal her and set her free.

He placed his hand on her head and prayed, “Oh Lord, Jesus Messiah, our faith is in You! You are the Healer. The Power of all sickness is in Your Hand. Only You can heal her and set her free. I ask you now, in Jesus’ Name, to heal my sister and set her free.”

Immediately, the demon left. About a week later the girl’s father called Khalid’s father. He said that his daughter was completely fine, healthy, and back to normal. She’s helping clean and cook, and is finally at peace. He said, “All my life, I have prayed to Allah. I have paid so much money to doctors and [witch doctors]. But nothing and no one ever helped. But in an instant, Jesus Messiah answered. He has healed my daughter and set her free!”

Because of the miraculous power of Jesus as evidenced in this young woman’s life, her father and about 45 people in their family want to know more about Jesus and how to follow Him. By the end of March, we had received reports that as many as 140 people in this area may either already be followers of Jesus or want to become followers of Jesus. This testimony could well be the beginning of a Church Planting Movement in an area where, up until recently, there was not one known believer.

Would you pray, right now, that the Holy Spirit would work in the lives of these family members and that they would receive Jesus as their Lord? Would you pray that the power of the enemy be broken, and the schemes of the enemy to defeat this potential movement be thwarted? Would you also pray that these new believers receive the strength that they need in order to bear up under the persecution that is surely coming?

Thank you for your prayers, and for the role you play in the Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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