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How One Team is Trying to Reach the Unreached in Delhi

According to one of our workers in India, one of the local sayings is, “As Delhi goes, so does India,” and it’s largely true.

Delhi is not only the political capital of India, but we believe the spiritual climate of Delhi is reflective of the spiritual climate of the entire nation of India. If the Lord brings revival in Delhi; it would impact the entire country for Christ.

In Delhi, there are a staggering 600 different unreached people groups. Ninety-nine percent of the city’s population still does not have access to the gospel. One of the most strategic ways to begin reaching all of these diverse people groups, our workers believe is through the university students in Dehli. There are currently over 75 colleges in Delhi with a combined attendance of over 130,000 students.

The trouble our workers are facing in reaching these students, however, is that in India, unless you are attending the college, you do not have access to the college campus. India is very community driven and everything is done in the context of a relationship, so to reach these university students, it’s essential that our workers have a platform where we can build friendships with the university students.

Our workers in Delhi would like to start a coffee shop or American Diner where university students can come and just have a place to talk and build relationships. In fact, one new family is relocating to Delhi next year with the specific focus of starting a business and working with university students.

But we our workers also need college students who will are willing to come to the US and attend college in India. That way, they can be a part of the work we are doing in Delhi, but also have direct access to the campus itself, allowing them to develop relationships with the future leaders of India. Our goal is to have one US student on every campus.

But it will take a lot of willing college students to make that happen. If you’re a college student, would you consider coming to India to help meet this very important need? If you’re not in college there are still ways you can help: share this information with college students you know. Give financially to those who are already serving in India – they’ll need at least $50,000 to open a coffee shop for college students, and more to cover ongoing expenses. And of course, you can pray.

Thanks for being a part of the Eurasia Community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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