One Way You Can Pray for Our Live Dead Teams

January 14, 2019 eurasiacommunity

One Way You Can Pray for Our Live Dead Teams

If you have been hanging out with us for very long here at the Eurasia Community, you probably know that many of our workers, those who plan to stay in Eurasia for a while, that is, need visas to allow them to get into and/or remain in those countries.

Unlike in some other parts of the world, coming to Eurasia simply to tell people about Jesus is not a valid reason for a visa.

So our workers have to find jobs within the country to be able to stay there.

We have received word from one of our Live Dead teams in the Arab World that a couple of our workers have moved forward with job placement and visas. But many more are still exploring their options and need for God to open doors for them to be able to stay in the Arab World, so that ultimately, they can do fruitful work for the kingdom of God.

Please continue to pray with us for these Live Dead team members, that God will provide wisdom and opportunity, so that they are able to continue in the work to which God has called them.

And if you want to receive real-time information of needs and answers to prayer from one of our Live Dead teams, with many more details than we are able to share here publicly on our blog, we invite you to looking into starting a Pray Band for a team.

Thanks so much for praying.

And thanks, as always, for being a part of this community. We really couldn’t do this without you.

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