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If you’re new to the Eurasia Community, welcome. We are so glad that you’re here.

You can find out a little bit more what we’re all about right here.

If you’ve been around the Eurasia Community for long, you know that we have a big dream of seeing church planting movements among every single people group in Eurasia. It’s a really big dream, we know. One we cannot achieve without God.

We also cannot achieve it without people on the ground, in Eurasia, planting churches and launching church-planting movements.

That’s why we have set a goal of having 1,000 workers on the field by 2023.

Currently, we have around 660 workers on the field, so we need your help to reach this goal.

Getting to 1,000 missionaries begins with one small step. Have a conversation, commit to prayer, support a missionary. Your simple step makes a difference.

If you feel called to Eurasia in any capacity, we would love for you to reach out to us through one of our pipeline opportunities. You could be one of the 340 people we are praying for!

But whether or not you come to Eurasia, you can be part of helping us achieve this goal by doing few things with us: 

  • Pray with us that we’ll have 1000 workers on the field two years from now. Start a Pray Band today to partner with a team on the field.
  • Give generously both to workers who are coming to Eurasia and to those who are already serving there.
  • Start advocating for the unreached in Eurasia by continuing to be an active member of the Eurasia Community

We believe this audacious goal is a vision from the Lord for the field in Eurasia and we want you to be a part of it. Please keep praying with us, and giving towards the work we are doing. And please, consider coming to Eurasia yourself. Step in HERE.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you!

Your Prayers are Changing Lives in Southern Asia

This testimony from a worker on the field perfectly illustrates the power of your prayers and will give you goosebumps.

Ashok is an intelligent young man with a big heart for his people. He loves his country and believes that people from all backgrounds should work together for the common good of man. He is a devoted Hindu, and even though he has heard about Jesus and his “good teachings” he holds fast to the idea that life is about doing good deeds in order to receive good rewards. 

Last week a request was posted on the Pray4Eurasia Facebook page asking for prayer for Ashok to find the truth in the Gospel. Three days later, our worker reports that he was able to have a deep conversation with Ashok about why Jesus and the message of the Gospel are so radically different from other faiths. He shared with him about how the message of the Gospel is not about good works, but about receiving restoration to fellowship with God through Jesus’ blood on the cross.

The worker says, “For the first time, I saw the wheels turning as he considered the implications.”

The timing of this post and this conversation cannot be a coincidence. We thank God for the leading of the Holy Spirit for his people to pray for this young man. Please continue to pray that Jesus would speak to Ashok’s heart, revealing that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one can come to the father except through Him.

Thank you so much for praying as part of this community. We really couldn’t do this without you.


They don’t learn about the Savior multiplying the loaves and fishes — there’s no singing of “Jesus loves the little children” …

Instead as they’re growing up, they learn about tales of angry spirits and witches!

Most children in Nepal are Hindus — but a strong strain of ancient animistic religion has become syncretized with their Hinduism and infuses tales of hungry ghosts that bring destruction. It’s a frightening belief system for a child.

But now there’s a way you and I can help reach Nepal and provide God’s love for at least 20,000 children!

We have developed an innovative storybook for elementary school children that focuses on the Ten Commandments. It’s called Value Stories, and all indications are that it can be used as part of values education in the public schools!

This book will teach children friendship, faithfulness, truth, love, and so much more — and it will connect them with local churches and ministries that can share the love of Christ with them.

This is an astounding breakthrough for Nepal’s children!

You can read all about this incredible project on Faces of Eurasia.

And if you’d like to give to this important kingdom work, you can do that securely right here.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community. We are so excited about what God is doing in Southern Asia, but without your prayers and generous support, it wouldn’t happen. We really couldn’t do this without you.

From Argumentative to Open

This story comes from one of our teams in Russia. If you would like to receive real-time information of needs and answers to prayer from one of our teams on the field, with many more details than we are able to share here publicly on our blog, we invite you to looking into starting a Pray Band.

I was in a taxi traveling from one Cousin republic to another during Ramadan. The driver was a local Cousin and the ride was going to last about an hour. I figured I should strike up a conversation, but I was feeling really exhausted as I’d been on the road for a couple weeks.

We started talking and very quickly the conversation shifted to argumentative questioning regarding the deity of Christ. I’ve had many a conversation like this and didn’t feel like continuing it as the questioner is rarely sincerely looking for answers. At one point, I stopped and prayed out loud, “God, help me to know how to answer this man.” Then I began explaining the need for a blood sacrifice. As I began working through some of the Old Testament prophets, I noticed the atmosphere had completely changed. I sensed God’s presence, a peace filled the vehicle and now the driver was listening quietly and attentively. 

After explaining that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies, the driver began asking questions again. But this time, his tone was different. He was sincerely wanting an answer. “What happened to Jesus after he rose from the dead?” “What did his disciples do?”  As we reached the destination, my new friend asked me for my number and said, “When I’m in your city, I will call so we can talk again.” Could it be that soon he will meet Jesus?

Specific Prayers for our Teams:

Young lady from Central Asia who is a Muslim background believer – in the past she didn’t seem to be fully obeying scripture and it seemed she had a lot of struggles and fear of sharing her faith. But recently we’ve been trying to disciple her, and she now wants to be baptized. Please pray she starts taking these steps of obedience and the girls on the team can help her learn to grow in her faith. 

Short term team that was here in May – 
We got a lot of contacts from all the sowing time that happened with the team here, so we’re trying to follow up on those who we shared with who were open. Please pray for wisdom and help as we follow up with them.

Laborers – Please continue to pray for more laborers, both foreign and Russian. 

Eid al Fitr – One of our team members is currently in a very conservative area to celebrate Eid al Fitr (the end of the 30 day Ramadan fast) with some young men and their families he’s been sharing with. Please pray for opportunities to share about Christ!

Roma — We’ll have two water baptism services in two different cities in the next few weeks. The Roma believers who will be baptized are inviting many unsaved relatives and friends, and the Gospel will be preached. Pray for many salvations!

Village team — The Russian believers who’ve been going with us to prayer walk and share in a nearby village continue to be passionate about this work. They’re planning to continue while most of our team is away, please pray they see fruit!

Transition — our team has a lot of transition right now, please pray for God’s grace and wisdom during this time, and that the Kingdom work will continue to move forward. 

Ramadan Focus: Fear

We’re so glad that you’ve joined us as we intentionally pray for Muslims, during their month of Ramadan. Today is our third focus, and we’ll be praying against the paralyzing fear many Muslims experience.

Shared from

“Muslims attempt to please God – as they understand Him from the Quran – largely by performing prescribed religious duties. In public, Muslims fear what others think of them. They dare not do anything to bring shame on their family. Beatings, shunning, and even death can be the result. Women are especially susceptible to these fears. They can be beaten for liking the wrong boy, the wrong music, or voicing the wrong opinion.

In private, Muslims fear God and wonder whether they are doing enough to please him. The Quran teaches that God is always watching (4:1, 33:52). Muslims hope that when they die their good deeds will outweigh their bad deeds – and even then, salvation is never assured.”

For millions of Muslims, life is controlled by fear. As we focus on praying for these beautiful people, lets pray specifically that they would encounter the perfect love of Christ that cast out all fears.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4