September 25, 2017 eurasiacommunity

Please Keep Praying for Southern Asia!

As we mentioned earlier this month, there have been catastrophic floods in Southern Asia recently. We’ve just recently heard from some of our workers in Bangladesh, and they told us that just as in Sri Lanka, the people with whom they work have been devastated by these natural disasters.

Even as we continue to pray for the United States and Caribbean victims of this year’s intense hurricane season, let’s not forget our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing similar conditions.

As believers in Jesus, we do not need to be terrified by these types of events. Jesus warned us that such things would happen with increasing intensity as His return draws near.

But by that same token, let us not become weary in showing compassion and care to those who are devastated by the many natural disasters we are seeing.

And especially for those living in Eurasia – unless someone shares with them the hope of Jesus, many those in the areas affected by these floods could potentially face death apart from Christ. On top of all the flooding Bangladesh is experiencing, they are now also dealing with refugees from an ethnic cleansing crisis happening in a nearby nation. So let’s approach God’s throne boldly today on behalf of the lost in Southern Asia, fervently interceding that God would intervene in these situations, preserve lives and open doors for the gospel.

Thanks for your prayers. We are so glad that you’re a part of this community.

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