How to Pray for Central Eurasia

April 23, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How to Pray for Central Eurasia

We say every week here on the Eurasia community blog that we couldn’t do what we do in Eurasia without you, and we mean it.

Your generous gifts provide financially for much of the work we’re doing throughout Eurasia, and some of you are even considering or already in the process of coming to Eurasia yourself. But one of the very most important things you can do for Central Eurasia (and the other areas Eurasia comprises) is to pray.

We know you pray for these nations when we bring needs to your attention. But maybe you struggle to know how to pray for Central Eurasia on a more regular basis.

Consider some of the following suggestions:

  • Pray that we’ll be able to reach every single village in Central Eurasia with the good news of Jesus.
  • Many governments in Central Eurasia are hostile to the gospel. Pray for the leaders of these nations to become open to the presence of Christians and to rule their nations with righteousness.
  • Pray also for followers of Jesus to stand firm and be bold in their witness for Jesus even in the midst of threats, arrest, and other forms of persecution.
  • Pray for God to raise up workers to share the gospel in Central Eurasia. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37).

Be faithful in praying for Central Eurasia. Your prayers really do make a difference.

We are so glad that you are a part of this community.

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