How to Pray for Eurasia Northwest

August 23, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How to Pray for Eurasia Northwest

The following information and prayer suggestions for Eurasia Northwest are excerpted from our book Prayers: A Journey Through Eurasia, which we gave away at General Council in 2017.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the nations of Eurasia Northwest [seven countries between Europe and Russia] have struggled to find meaning and understand their spiritual identity.

They are among the most disenchanted people in the world.

Many have turned to drugs and alcohol to fill their spiritual void. Depression is a widespread disease. Lithuania (link to post) reports one of the highest suicide rates in the world….

As members of the Catholic or Orthodox Church, many in Eurasia Northwest would consider themselves Christians. But most have no experience with the church apart from their baptism as infants….

The truth is, most traditional “Christians” in Eurasia Northwest have never heard the gospel.         

In light of these things, here’s how you can pray for Eurasia Northwest:

Pray for workers to take the love of Jesus to the hundreds of villages of Eurasia Northwest with no gospel witness.

Pray for awakening among the churches of Eurasia Northwest. Ask the Father to pour out the Holy Spirit like He did on the Day of Pentecost.

Pray for wholeness for the people of Eurasia Northwest. Jesus alone holds the hope that can set them free from addiction, depression, and abuse. Pray for families to be reconciled to the Father and to each other. Pray for orphans to be loved by the Church.

Pray for churches to be planted among the unreached.

Pray that the overwhelming number of secular atheists would have hearts softened to the gospel. Pray for a hunger that drives them to Jesus.

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