Pray for Our Workers as They Gather for a Retreat

Pray for Our Workers as They Gather for a Retreat

This week, many of our workers from all across Eurasia will be gathered together in Indonesia for a retreat.

While we can’t share too many details here, out of concern for our workers’ safety, you should know that this will be a time when they can be refreshed by fellowship with each other, receive new vision for their ministries, and rest.

They will also be spending a lot of time in prayer, praying specifically for breakthrough.

One of our leaders in Eurasia shared this quote recently:

“Breakthrough” is a good word. It has a positive, “going forwards” feel about it. It is about knowing who we are in God and being willing to take the lead, go where others have not gone, or broken through into new territories. God wants us to live today in such a way that is far better than anything we have accomplished before. Today is the day for breakthrough for you.” – Rodney W Francis

You know that our hearts’ desire is to see the light of Jesus break through to hearts of the lost and unreached throughout the vast region of Eurasia.

Would you be praying with us for breakthrough in Eurasia?

Thanks for praying, and thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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