Ramadan Begins This Week

May 6, 2019 leslie thomas

Ramadan Begins This Week

Ramadan begins this week.

Soon, devout Muslims all over the world will enter into a season of fasting that they believe helps make them right with Allah and earn a way to heaven.

As followers of Jesus, we know that’s not possible. Our sin separates us from God irrevocably. There is nothing we can do in and of ourselves to atone for our sin. Only the blood of Jesus makes us right. .

As Muslims begin a season of seeking their own god, we at Eurasia Community along with workers all over the world, will be praying for them, imploring God to reveal himself to them.

We will be joining with others all over the globe to pray specifically for Muslims and we will provide you with a new video with every post during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (May 5 to June 4, 2019)

Today, we pray for Muslim Women.

Loved. Treasured. Cherished. Jesus loves women!

Watch this video to guide your prayers today.

Yet roughly 800 million Muslim women don’t know it.

Many live in the isolation of inferiority. They don’t know they were created in the image of God: beloved, equal in worth, and beautiful in His sight.

We say it every week, but from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for praying.

We really couldn’t do this without you.

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