November 20, 2017 eurasiacommunity

How to Respond to Current Events in Israel

About once a month here on the Eurasia Community blog, we try to make you aware of current events in Eurasia, to help you know how to pray for our workers and churches, and to help you understand what daily life is like in this vast, diverse region. But it comes to Israel and Palestine, it’s hard to imagine a time when current events in this crucial part of this world aren’t already on our minds.

If you’re a believer who lives in the States, or in another part of Eurasia, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to respond to news about Israel.

What does all of the violence and conflict mean for our workers in Israel and Palestine and the unbelievers who live there?

Violence in any form, and for any reason, breaks the heart of God. When you hear of strife and conflicts in the Middle East, we ask that you would see that as an opportunity to pray for the safety of our workers and for the souls of those in Israel and Palestine who have yet to come to know Jesus. 
Pray for this broken and often hurting nation, and that the hope of the gospel will shine forth even in the darkest circumstances.
Until Jesus returns, the most lasting peace we’ll find on earth is the peace that comes into our hearts when we are reconciled to God. Our prayer here at Eurasia Community is that every people group in Israel and Palestine (and throughout the rest of Eurasia) will find the peace that comes from knowing Jesus.
Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for being a part of this community. We couldn’t do this without you.

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