Step into Eurasia Northwest

November 26, 2019 Nicole Jacob

Step into Eurasia Northwest

Here at Eurasia Community, we believe that all followers of Jesus have an integral part in the expansion of the global church!

God wants to utilize your unique talents and gifts as a way to expand the Kingdom and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the unreached.

Prayer and financial support is a huge component to partnering with missionaries working in Eurasia Northwest. We also know that a big piece of the work is having people who are willing to pick up their lives and join the team working on the ground.

It may seem intimidating to even consider coming with us to a country in Eurasia Northwest. We want to remind you that you are not walking these steps alone! Nick Puccini, Area Director for Eurasia Northwest, perfectly expressed the initial process of joining the work by stating:

“First of all, we want you to know that there is a team of people waiting to help you in your missionary journey from step one, where you need some questions answered, to finding out what kind of ministry we are inviting you into, to navigating the application process, to fundraising, to moving across the planet, all the way to learning to help people find Jesus and become a disciple-making-disciple.”

A few of the tangible and current needs in Eurasia Northwest are those who have a heart for: people with disabilities to work as a Disability Ministry Coordinator, business as a Church Planting team member, Children’s or Youth Ministry, teaching English, food service, or administration.

We want to remind you that your questions and concerns as you begin exploring opportunities to join a team, are welcomed and encouraged. We hope to be a resource as you start the conversation. We are continuing to pray for those God is calling to STEP IN to Eurasia!

Whatever passions, gifts, and talents God has provided you with, you can be a unique presence and worker for the ministry being done.

1 Corinthians 12: 1-31

Thank you for being a part of this community!

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