Sugar Cookies for the Kingdom

February 28, 2020 Nicole Jacob

Sugar Cookies for the Kingdom

God can truly use ANYTHING to extend the Kingdom in the name of Jesus; including sugar cookies!

Over the Christmas season a few of our workers in India were able to exemplify that truth to the people in their local community. Our team had the opportunity to go to a local business and host a workshop on how to decorate Christmas cookies. One of the workers on this team expressed how they are not an expert at decorating sugar cookies, but they have some skill.

God is not looking for our perfection, He is looking for our obedience.

The backstory of how this workshop came to be is a group of workers prepared some ‘goodbye’ cookies for a girl who was moving on from working there. After some members from the local community saw the cookies they had made, they asked if our team would teach a local group on how to decorate cookies too.

Our team of course said YES! What an amazing opportunity to be invited into the community of the local people to teach them a new skill. The workers then prepared 100 large sugar cookies and 45 bags of different icing colors.

Over 40 people showed up and spent the next hour and a half decorating cookies with our team. They had the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with those they have met before during the self defense class they had taught the year prior. They did not get to share the Gospel outright during this event, but many of the demonstration cookies had the nativity scene on it, the word noel, or angels. It is a great starting point to begin the conversation with the locals about Jesus once a rapport has been built.

It was so exciting to these workers when the locals asked if they could come again and teach them more classes for the holidays. What a gift to be invited back in to the community of the locals in this way!

This is just a prime example of how our talents and abilities can be used to extend the Kingdom. It may be hard to believe God would want to use cookie decorating, self defense, or maybe the talent you have, but He does! He shares with us through Scripture that He desires to use the gifts and talents He has blessed us with in order to share the truth of Jesus and extend the Kingdom.

We are so thankful for the on the field examples like these we get to receive to remind us of this!

Prayer Requests

  • The political unrest in India with the passing of a new law called AB. It allows people to become documented citizens for those who have never had the right paperwork. Everyone except those of the Muslim religion. India has over 170 million Muslims. We believe this is the beginning of the government trying to expel those from the Muslim faith from their country like they have been saying they are trying to do.
  • For our new workers who have just landed and will be serving for the next two years. Some of these workers have kids, are newly married, or have given up relationships to join us in this work.
  • The gym as the new concrete floor has been laid and set. The walls have now been repainted and it is scheduled to re-open next week! Pray for the members to all come back and for tons of new members to join in!

Our team in India wanted us to let you know that as you are praying for them and the work they are doing, they are also praying over you. They are specifically praying for you to be able to dive into His work even longer each day this year and for you to continue to reach out to your neighbors and build relationships right where you are.

We are so thankful each time you pray over our Live-Dead India team; Prayer is no small thing to us. It is huge and we are grateful!


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