Thanks for a great year!

December 31, 2018 eurasiacommunity

Thanks for a great year!

Dear Eurasia Community,

On this last day of 2018, we just want to say thank you to all of you for everything you have done to help us realize our big dream to see a church-planting movement realized among every people group in this vast region.

If you have been serving diligently on the field: thank you.

If you came to Eurasia on a short-term trip in 2018: thank you.

If you are faithfully raising support to Eurasia to come someday soon: thank you.

If you pledged support to someone who is on the field or coming to the field: thank you.

If you gave to help with a project or outreach in 2018: thank you.

And if you prayed for the lost, our workers, and the local church in Eurasia this year: thank you.

From the bottoms of our hearts, we are so very glad that you are a part of this community. And we won’t be able to do this without in 2019, so stick around!

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