The Sisterhood of Christ

November 14, 2019 Nicole Jacob

The Sisterhood of Christ

This story comes from one of our teams in Central Eurasia. If you would like to receive real-time information of needs and answers to prayer from one of our teams on the field, with many more details than we are able to share here publicly on our blog, we invite you to looking into starting a Pray Band.

As we were in the middle of our regular Saturday activities, the power in the entire school building went completely out. So we sat, in our dim classroom, as we pushed through what we were wanting to accomplish that day.

But, even in the midst of literal darkness, God’s overpowering light always finds its way to shine!

Roza, one of the young women we meet with said that she can sense light when she is with us. She expressed that when she is gathering with other believers to study the Bible, she knows that God is with her and will show her the right way.

Roza went on to share about her newfound walk with Jesus and began to be honest with us about the realities she has been facing. Even with the victory of her feeling God’s presence when congregating with other believers, she was also very honest with us that when she is home alone, she struggles to keep believing and fears that God has forgotten about her.

As we continued with this meeting time, another girl in our group, Kira, began to speak to us through tears falling down her face. Kira is only a teenager, but even in just her short years of life so far, she has already faced immeasurable pain, disappointment, and rejection.

Roza then looked over at Kira and said, “Let the monsters out, and we will fight them together. Don’t keep them inside or they will kill you.”

What an absolute gift it was to be able to see the compassion of Christ developing in this community of new believers. Kira has no siblings and is essentially an orphan, cared for by a relative. We were able to remind her that the Lord puts the lonely into families, and that she now is a sister to us in the family of God.

We began a text group with these young women so that we can remind them regularly of God’s truth and the community they have around them. It is beautiful to see how the Holy Spirit is already transforming them!

Specific Prayers for Central Eurasia this month:

Logistics for meetings– Prayers that we would find an appropriate time and place to meet with these women on a regular basis

Salvation– Prayers that the word of God would come alive to them and pierce their hearts

Community- Prayers that these women would find their true family in the community of Christ


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